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My post-gym protein shake today, literally a chocolate milkshake:
1 frozen banana 3/4 of a scoop of chocolate protein powder 3/4-1 cup of chocolate almond milk (depends on how thick you prefer it) 2 packets of Truvia

need this right now

The Village & the Mountain - by: Lorenzo Riva


i refuse to be shamed for having a body. i refuse to get embarrassed when a tampon falls out of my purse or spend a whole day anxious about if someones going to notice that i forgot to shave a patch of leg hair. i wasnt put on this earth to spend my time apologizing for my existence and i refuse to let anyone make me feel like i have to waste my energy on all that petty shit

"You can feel the whole world and still feel lost in it. So many people are in pain - no matter how smart or accomplished - they cry, they yearn, they hurt … We all want the same things: comfort, love, and a peaceful heart."

- Mitch Albom (via psych-facts)